Monday, October 20, 2014

La Purisima Mission

La Purisima Mission was the founded on December 8th, 1787 and was the eleventh of the California Missions. The mission not very far away as it is located in Lompoc, California. While the mission has been in its current location for many years, it was not always there. The original La Purisima Mission was built in South Lompoc and destroyed by an earthquake in 1812. The current La Purisima mission sits a few miles to the north west of the original mission site. 

To further your understanding of the history of La Purisima, I have embedded a video made by a fellow fourth grader for you to enjoy. Pay particular attention to the history leading up to the creation of La Purisima and the functions of each room. Once you have finished watching the video, comment below with three interesting facts about La Purisima.

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